1.合片 Placing

●避色含水率變化最好在恆溫恆濕( 建議 25 ℃, 相 對溼度23%)的房間內進行。避色含水率變化最好在恆溫恆濕( 建議 25 ℃, 相 對溼度23%)的房間內進行。
The PVB film is placed between washed and re-dried glass. The points for attention:
● The process should be done in a room with constant temperature and humidity (suggested condition:25℃ and RH23%) .
● The temperature of P V B film a n d g l a s s should be close. If not, the air may not be exhausted easily and lead to bad adhesion or contraction.
● Any mechanical stretch should be avoided.
● Any pollution of glass and PVB film should be avoided.

2.預壓合 Pre-pressing

●夾層玻璃邊緣的密封,以避免在正壓合時,空氣 浸入夾層玻璃中。
The purposes of pre-pressing,
●Air discharge between the glass and PVB film.
●Promoting the adhesion between the glass and PVB film.
●To seal the edge of laminated glass so that the air permeation to laminated glass in autoclave could be avoided.

預壓程序主要二種工法:壓輪法與真空法。壓輪法主要應用於平板夾層玻璃的製造, 以「一加熱室二壓輪法」為例,建議操作條件請參考下表。


主 要 應 用 於 平 板 夾 層 玻 璃 的 製 造 , 以 「 一 加 熱 室/二壓輪法」為例,建議操
There are two main methods for pre-pressing:
■ Nip Roll System This process is usually applied on flat laminated glass. Our suggested conditions for “one oven/ two nip roller process” are as the table below.

真空法:Vacuum System

主要應用於彎曲夾層玻璃的製造,又分兩種設備: 膠袋法與圈環法。 請參考下列建議操作條件
This process is for bent laminated glass. There are two kinds of equipment: vacuum bag method and vacuum ring method. The Operation conditions of the two methods are Suggested as the below table.

3.正壓合 Autoclave Process

正 壓 合 程 序 一 般 使 用 氣 壓 式 或 油 壓 式 的 高壓釜。 單層中間膜夾層條件, 請參考下表與溫度( 壓力)-時間關係圖。
Generally, an air type or oil type autoclave is used in this process. The suggested Conditions of autoclave process for single interlayer film laminating are as Following Table and figure


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