GAMA翠光玻璃鍍膜 特色 GAMA Glass Coating feature

1.It can be used for the front and rear of the carand the headlights can be used it.
2.Ensure the brightness of the headlights! It is easier and more comfortable to drive at night.
3.The scratching of the product has the effect of filling and transparency.
4.Use plastic EVA sponge! Easy to wipe surfaces of various shapes.

GAMA翠光玻璃鍍膜 使用方法 Use method

適用範圍 Applicability:
kinds of front and rear glass of car and bright.
主要成分 Contains:
Alizarin polymealcohols solvent.
施工步驟 Operation:
1.Before usewash the sand and dust on the target with water and dry it.
2.Remove the lid and squeeze the side of the bottle to allow the liquid to overflow and apply completely without leaving a gap.
3.No need to wait for the dryingimmediately wipe the liquid with the attached towel before the liquid is dry.
4.After the operation is completedthe effect will appear immediately. In order to obtain longer durability, please do not touch the water within 1 hour(the temperature is below 10 degrees for about 1.5 hours).
注意事項 Warning:
1.Keep the product at the cool place.
2.Keep it out of reach of children.
3.If in eyes rinse cautiously with water for several minutes.
保存方法 Storage:
Store at room temperature. Avoid exposure to sunlight.
安全須知 Safety:
1. 請勿使用,且存放在孩童不易拿到的地方.
2. 使用時健議戴口罩及防護器具,避免造成眼睛傷害,若不慎噴到眼睛,請立即用大量清水沖洗,並視情況就醫.
3. 保特工作場所良好的通風環境卻避免接近火源.
4. [容量] 50 ML [有效日期] 五年 [製造日期] 標示於瓶底.
1.Keep the product at the cool place.
2.Keep it out of reach of children.
3.If in eyes rinse cautiously with water for several minutes.
4.[capacity] 50 ml [available date] 5 years [MFG] under the bottle


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