GAMA TPU S7 冰盾外貼玻璃隔熱盾甲


產品厚度: 7MIL
產品性能:紅外線99 % 紫外線99% 透視率75%
產品功能:高隔熱 超強防爆 超強抗腐 超強抗黃變持久耐用 雙塗層 熱修復 增亮 抗污 抗寒





Feature of Product:

1. High abrasion and impact resistance Impact protection
2. Cold resistance: withstand low temperature under -35℃
3. High temperature resistance: withstand high temperature above 120 ℃
4. Mechanical properties well: good bearing capacity and impact resistance
5. Oil resistance, water resistance, special depending on the type of TPU
6. Oxidation resistance well, super explosion-proof, super anti-corrosion, super anti-yellowing
7. High workability: can be processed by common processing methods
8. Wide range of hardness: increasing hardness still has good elasticity and toughness

Wear-resistant Description:

-) Use 1cm small gravel to carry out a simulation test and fix the TPU on the glass vertically. At a distance of 40cm, use compressed air to impact. The impact mass is 100 grams and the diameter is 3.2 to 4.8mm. Under the impact, under the protection of TPU glass There is almost no damage to the lower glass surface!
-) The TPU protective film of this product has undergone 10,000 round-trip tests under the mixed state of water and sand without serious scratches.
-) Thermal Effects: Thermal Joule BTU reduced from 2197 to 35.6


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