GAMA 汽車鍍膜

GAMA翠光車體鍍膜 特色 GAMA Coating feature

GAMA Coating is the all-purpose. The car can be extremely bright,extremely smooth, water-repellent,and durable,and canbe applied to all colors.

GAMA翠光車體鍍膜 使用方法 Use method

適用範圍 Applicability:
All colors and types of vehicle.
主要成分 Contains:
Glass cellulose,alizarin polymer,fluoropolymer and high purity water.
施工步驟 Operation:
1.Remove dirt or oil completely in advance.
2.If you use water to do,dry until no water drops remains.
3.We recommend masking around the area that you will apply.
4.Wear the included gloves and shake the bottle well.
5.Put the liquid on the included sponge and spread it evenly.
6.DO not touch or wet the car for 24 hours after applying.
7.The coating film takes 4-5 days to harden completely.
注意事項 Warning:
1.Keep the product at the cool place.
2.Keep it out of reach of children.
3.If in eyes rinse cautiously with water for several minutes.
保存方法 Storage:
Store at room temperature. Avoid exposure to sunlight.
安全須知 Safety:
1. 請勿使用,且存放在孩童不易拿到的地方.
2. 使用時健議戴口罩及防護器具,避免造成眼睛傷害,若不慎噴到眼睛,請立即用大量清水沖洗,並視情況就醫.
3. 保特工作場所良好的通風環境卻避免接近火源.
4. [容量] 50 ML [有效日期] 五年 [製造日期] 標示於瓶底.
1.Keep the product at the cool place.
2.Keep it out of reach of children.
3.If in eyes rinse cautiously with water for several minutes.
4.[capacity] 50 ml [available date] 5 years [MFG] under the bottle.

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